Lee HyukJae (stage name Eunhyuk) is the member of Super Junior who specializes in dancing, along with Shindong and Donghae, and is also the lead rapper.==

Eunhyuk has an old sister named Lee Sora. He was couple with Donghae, named Fishy Couple, and the first their album is Oppa Oppa, the second is I Wanna Dance. His fanclub name is Jewels.  Eunhyuk has so many nickname, like Monkey, Myeolchi, etc. He really likes banana and strawberry milk.
Eunhyuk is a member who often cry, therefore he often made by ​​other members cried, but after that all members hugged him. He has very good personality, jolly, not easily offended, sociable, and could make people laugh ^^ His face was very plain, with a view we could not say anything and laugh because of his innocence. He is a stink member by other members said, but he just responded with a smile, without the slightest upset. Though angry, he would end it with a smile. His position in the group as lead rapper and lead dancer. All members acknowledge that he is very good dancer. He entered A-class at the audition. He thought, that the cooperation and compassion is the most important of a group, not just talent.

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